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Congratulations to Pipworth Community Primary School in top 3% of schools nationally for progress measures- Rt.Hon Nick Gibb MP September 2020 Primary PE School of the Year 2021 - LINKS Partnership Group South YorkshireUNICEF Rights Respecting School-Silver Award 2022

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Pipworth Community

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Pipworth Community


Article 2: I have a right to have all of my rights as a child. 

Article 14: I have a right to have my own thoughts, belief and to choose my religion.

Article 30: I have a right to speak my own language and follow my family’s way of life.


We are fortunate here at Pipworth Primary School to welcome children and families from a wide range of cultural and diverse backgrounds. We have children of many faiths and celebrate these within our school. Our children will leave Pipworth Community Primary School with the ability to critically reflect and respond with tolerance and respect to key concepts of belonging, beliefs, and practices, forms of expression, identity and diversity. Children will be able to appreciate and have the vocabulary to articulate beliefs, concepts of the world, values and commitments clearly. They will then be able to explain the significance and impact of different ways of life and ways of expressing meaning. Children will be able to recognise the diversity which exists within and between communities. As a result children will have a sense of belonging to their school community and wider community, including their place in the world.

We have built a progressive, sequenced curriculum that is knowledge rich. The pupils study four religions in detail- Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism- and are encouraged to compare and contrast these religions throughout their learning.

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