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Congratulations to Pipworth Community Primary School in top 3% of schools nationally for progress measures- Rt.Hon Nick Gibb MP September 2020 Primary PE School of the Year 2021 - LINKS Partnership Group South YorkshireUNICEF Rights Respecting School-Silver Award 2022

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Pipworth Community

Sheffield Maths Team Videos

Are you struggling with a maths method you have been taught at school? See if one of these videos can help!

addition1 - counting on(1).avi

addition4 - partitioning (most significant first).avi

addition7 - expanded column (least significant first).avi

subtraction2 - taking away(2).avi

subtraction5 - partitioning(3).avi

subtraction8 - difference(2).avi

multiplication2 - repeated addition(2).avi

multiplication5 - grid method(3).avi

multiplication8 - short(2).avi

division2 - repeated subtraction(1).avi

division5 - chunking(1).avi

division8 - short.avi

addition2 - counting on(2).avi

addition5 - partitioning (least significant first).avi

addition8 - column.avi

subtraction3 - partitioning(1).avi

subtraction6 - column.avi

subtraction9 - difference(3).avi

multiplication3 - grid method(1).avi

multiplication6 - grid method(4).avi

multiplication9 - short(3).avi

division3 - repeated addition(2).avi

division6 - chunking(2).avi

addition3 - counting on(3).avi

addition6 - expanded column (most significant first).avi

subtraction1 - taking away(1).avi

subtraction4 - partitioning(2).avi

subtraction7 - difference(1).avi

multiplication1 - repeated addition(1).avi

multiplication4 - grid method(2).avi

multiplication7 - short(1).avi

division1 - repeated addition(1).avi

division4 - repeated subtraction(2).avi

division7 - partitioning.wmv