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Pipworth Community

Primary School

Year 6

Autumn 2

Trip to Abbeydale

Year 6 had a wonderful trip to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet this term, as a part of their 'How has steel changed Sheffield?' topic. They got to tour around the site, learning all about the origins of the steel industry, as well as getting a chance to use lots of the machinery and tools that were used there. They learnt all about the workers and their lives, and saw in stark contrast the differences between the homes of the workers and the owners. It was a fantastic learning experience for everyone!

Y6 pair up to find the answers

As we all know, talking about a problem helps find a solution, and Year 6 have been applying this logic to their maths. 'Paired maths' gives the children a chance to talk a question through, see it from a different perspective and hopefully make it clearer. Some children have relished the opportunity to 'teach' their partner - a surefire way to show that you really understand your learning. Well done Y6!

Y6 find out who helps people in need

In RE, the children in Y6 have been investigating the various charities that work globally to help people in crisis. From Christian Aid to Islamic Aid, they have seen that, all over the world, there are people helping people. How wonderful.

Autumn 1

Y6 show some real drive

In Y6 we have been designing toy cars as part of our DT/Computing project. We have tested a range of toy cars that are available on the market and have created our own, battery driven, vehicles. Next term we will use crumble devices to program our cars to follow specific routes, but for now please just enjoy our cars racing each other!

Calling all Y6s!


Need help with your Long Division? These websites give step-by-step help and questions to answer:






Check out this great website which has loads of videos and resources to help you practise any maths topic that you want to improve in! http://corbettmaths.com/contents/


Grammar help:

Mrs Wynn has found a super website to help you understand and practise some of the trickier parts of grammar. Here's the link: www.ego4u.com