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Pipworth Community

Primary School

Year 5

Spring 2

Y5 go for a spin...

Year 5 continued their amazing link up with the Sheffield University STEM team as they designed, created and test drove their own remote control cars. Check out the gallery below:

Spring 1

Y5 erect the Pipworth Eye!

The Y5 children had a fantastic time trying to recreate the London Eye with the help of the Sheffield University STEM team. Watch the video below to get an idea of the amount of work that they all put into this, and a glimpse of their spectacular creation in it's fully working glory!


The Year 5 children have completed a DT project where they had to design, prepare, make and evaluate a healthy (and tasty) balanced meal for the Year 2 children. What a useful thing to learn how to do!

Autumn 2

Acids and Alkalis 

Our link up with STEM has been one of the highlights of this term in Year 5, and this week we had the chance to experience some more incredible 'hands on' science with the team. We investigated acids and alkalis, testing the pH levels of different things, and experimented with mixing them together - with very messy results!

More STEM robotics

Year 5 are having such a great time working with the Sheffield University 'science and technology' team. Our most recent lessons were all about programming robots to complete a maze. You can see from the children's faces just how much they enjoyed themselves!

Persuasive speeches in Year 5

Year 5 have been writing some persuasive speeches in the role of Ernest Shackleton, the famous Irish Antarctic explorer. During his infamous trip to the Antarctic in 1914, his ship 'Endurance' became stuck in ice and the men had a very long wait before reaching safety. Shackleton had a hard job to motivate his men, and needed to use all of his persuasive powers to keep them going. I'm sure he would have been very impressed by our efforts!

Y5 go bionic

We had a great time in Y5 when the Engineers from Sheffield University came to work with us this term. They told us all about 'Bio-Engineering' and we even had the chance to make our own 'bionic' fingers. Incredible!

Y5 Gymnastics

In PE this term, Year 5 have been developing their gymnastics skills. This includes both jumping and landing correctly (especially landing!).