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Pipworth Community

Primary School

Year 3

Spring 1

SSELP Singing Festival songs

Year 3 will be taking part in the SSELP singing festival this year. The theme for 2020 is 'Songs of Home'. Here are the seven songs that we will be learning:

Senwa Dedende

Samba Lele


Aye Mojinumba

Ophelia letter blow away

Song of Until

I'm Gonna Shine

Autumn 2

Weston Park trip

We all know that Weston Park is one of the best places to visit in Sheffield, so when we got the chance to go there to do some science investigations we jumped at it! Our science topic this term is 'Rocks, Fossils and Soils' and we got to investigate many different types of rocks and perform experiments to better understand their differences. All this and a trip around the museum too? Yes please!

Library trip

Year 3 took a trip to Darnall library this week, getting the chance to sit down and read some of the fantastic books there. The children were spoilt for choice and even had a story read to them - what a treat! It's so important that we support our local libraries and I'm sure that the children will be returning to explore and borrow from the selection for many years to come. Well done Y3!

Y3 blow their top over volcanoes

Our topic in Y3 this term is 'Eruptions and Destructions' and we have begun by learning all about volcanoes. We have been doing lots of research about how volcanoes happen and also looking at some famous eruptions that have happened through history. We will be putting all of this learning into our own non-chronological texts! 

Autumn 1

Manor Lodge Trip

We recently had a trip to Manor Lodge where we got to unleash our inner 'cave person' by having a go at being stone age people for the day. We built shelters, used bow and arrows and looked at how stone age fires were started. Have a look at our gallery below:

Y3 go 'potty' for the Stone Age

We are really enjoying our Stone Age topic in Y3 this term and it has been fascinating to learn all about our early ancestors. This week we have been following in their footsteps and making our own clay pottery - a technique that first appeared in Britain during the Neolithic period of the late Stone Age. It was dirty work but, when you see our results, we're sure that you'll agree that it was worth it!