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Pipworth Community

Primary School

Year 1

Spring 2

Y1 don't like cricket... they LOVE IT!

Year 1 were lucky enough to have an opportunity to take part in a cricket festival at Ponds Forge this term. Part of the 'All Stars' cricket program, they received some expert coaching to improve their batting, bowling and fielding skills. What an amazing day!

Toy Day!

As part of our History work in Y1, we are looking at changes within living memory. To help us understand, we brought in our own toys to show to the rest of the class of what our toys look like today. We looked at the materials that our toys were made from and sorted them into different groups.

Spring 1

Y1 investigate music composition

Year 1 have been investigating how changing the way an instrument is played can alter the sounds that are created. We had some fantastic conductors, who gave the musicians clear hand signals to indicate what they were required to do. Well done to all of the children!

Y1 Poetic Penguins

The text in Y1 this term is 'The Emperor's Egg' by Martin Jenkins and Jane Chapman. Inspired by this informative and heartfelt tale, the children decided to try their hand at being penguins themselves - coming up with some wonderful vocabulary to describe their 'Antarctic' experiences. With all of this wonderful language, what else could they do but write some fantastic collaborative poems! Brrrrr-illiant!

Autumn 2 Term

Y1 see the shape of things to come

In Year 1 we have been investigating 2D shapes and their properties. It's definitely hip to be square... and rectangular... and triangular... and, well, you get the idea!

Autumn 1 Term

Year 1 show their skills

Some children in Y1 were lucky enough to participate in a Balls Skills Festival at Park Academy. It was nice to see some familiar faces as most of the Y9s who were running the events were ex-Pipworth pupils – they did an outstanding job coaching and helping the younger children. We had a great time learning lots of new skills, being active and having lots of fun with our friends!

Y1 celebrate the 1940s

As you will have heard, Pipworth turned 90 years old this term, and to celebrate, each year group was assigned a different decade from Pipworth's history. Have a look at what Y1 did to celebrate the 1940s.

The robot and the bluebird

Our class text this term is by the author David Lucas - The Robot and the Bluebird. This beautiful picture book tells the tale of a lonely robot whose broken heart is fixed with the help of a little bluebird.

Cannon Hall farm trip

We have recently been on a trip to Cannon Hall farm. Have a look at our video below: