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Year 4

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Design and Technology
Making Anglo Saxon pottage:
Research what the Anglo Saxons ate. Here are a few links 
What is Anglo Saxon pottage?
Can you ask an adult to help so that you can make your own? 
Using your knowledge of what the Anglo Saxon’s ate and drank, can you design a menu for an Anglo Saxon feast? 
Art/Craft and literacy links- 
Design and write an invitation for the banquet.
Make a party bunting out of paper and string for the feast 
In music, you have been singing some songs to accompany your Ukulele playing. Can you write your own song? It doesn’t have to be long- a short verse and a chorus will do. (Remember the great, short and catchy ones we wrote during Christmas?)
You can make your own melody or you could sing it to the melody of your favourite pop song!
Possible themes: Pipworth