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Pipworth Community

Primary School


Dear Parents/Carers,

As you know it is of great importance that your child attends school EVERY DAY and ON TIME. At Pipworth, we have been working hard to improve the attendance of all children-there is a clear link between good attendance and good results!

We have been encouraging all children to do well and improve. The children that have been attending everyday have received rewards such as certificates, cups, prizes and even the chance to win a new bike! From the beginning of term anybody that attends for a full calendar month will be invited to have lunch with the Headteacher and staff at Posh Palace. You as parents/carers play a vital role in helping us to succeed with this.

 Your child’s attendance will be monitored closely throughout the school year and each half term you will receive a letter informing you about their attendance rate.

 If your child’s attendance rate falls below an acceptable level, Education Welfare Officers (EWOs) or our Learning Mentors from school may visit your home. They will provide support and assistance when needed. If your child’s attendance still doesn’t improve we may need to notify other outside agencies.

 If your child has any worries or concerns about coming to school, please see the class teacher or Learning Mentors (Milly Anderson and Ibrar Azam) and they will try to solve the problem.


Please see the document below for more information about the importance of regular attendance, or you can download it here.


Holidays in Term Time

Please see the document below for information about our policy on taking holidays in term time. 

Alternatively, you can download the document here.