Year 6

Spring 2

Y5/Y6 bouldering

Some of the Y5 and Y6 children recently had a chance to try the thrilling sport of 'bouldering', where the object is to try and find a climbing route up a wall. We went to 'Climbing Works' in Sheffield and had a great time competing against some other schools in a really fun competition.

Spring 1

Y6 Trip to Crucial Crew

This term saw our Y6 children go on a trip to Crucial Crew, where they learnt all about staying safe in the world around them. They had sessions on topics as diverse as: knife crime, road safety, first aid and fire safety - even getting the chance to role-play a magistrates court! All of the children got so much from the trip.

Autumn 2

Y6 visit to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

On Thursday 8th November, Y6 went on a trip back in time to the amazing Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, where they saw how steel production began in Sheffield. They went through the whole process, from measuring the raw ingredients (Iron ore and charcoal), through to wrapping the blades in the 'blacking room'. The children learnt so much about the Sheffield of old, seeing the different homes of the 'Owner' and the 'Worker' and working out what they could buy with the pounds, shillings and pence that they earnt. All in all, it was a fantastic trip!

Autumn 1

Gold medalist visits Y6

In Year 6 this term, our topic is 'Super Sheffield', and 'Sheffielders' don't get more super than Paralympic gold medal winner Grace Clough MBE! Grace was kind enough to come and talk to the children about her path to Paralympic and World Championship glory, as well as how it felt to receive her MBE from Prince Charles last year.

Absolutely inspirational, the children were fascinated with what Grace had to say and blown away when she produced her GOLD MEDAL for them to see!

Y6 trip to Sheffield city centre

On Thursday 20th and Friday 21st September, Y6 went into Sheffield city centre for a busy day of art, R.E and history.

The children took a tour of Sheffield's amazing street art (including some hidden gems) and began to recognise work from different artists and consider the impact of street art on Sheffield's streets.

They then went to the Millennium galleries where, for their history, they examined pieces of stainless steel and looked at its history in Sheffield.

Finally, they went to visit the Archer project at Sheffield Cathedral and heard all about how it supports Sheffield's homeless population. This ties in with their R.E. topic this term 'Beliefs in action around the world'.

An amazing day was had by all and the children learned so much from each of the experiences.

Calling all Y6s!


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