Year 5

Autumn 2

Hallam University 'touchdown' in Y5

Year 5 had a taste of the glamorous world of American Football this term, when students from the Hallam University came to give them a taste of this exciting sport. They learnt all about the different roles on the team, from Offence to Defense, and how to score the all important touchdowns! HUT-HUT!

Autumn 1

May the FORCE be with you...

In Y5 we have been learning all about forces and friction, and doing some cool experiments to develop our understanding. Watch our video below to find out more:

It's all fun and games in Y5!

Our PE this term is Athletics, but in Y5 we understand the importance of warming up our muscles before exercising, so, we thought we'd highlight some of the brilliant warm-up games that we have been playing before our PE sessions. My favourite is 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' - so exciting! Check out our videos below: