Year 5

What an amazing year it has been in Year 5! To celebrate all of the incredible things we've done this year, the staff have put together a video of some of our personal highlights. We would like to thank all of the children for their hard work - they have been a pleasure to teach - and wish them well in Year 6...

Summer Term

Spring 1

Following on from our book study of Clive King's 'Stig of the Dump', the children were asked to sketch Stig, based on the descriptions that were in the text: 'Something or Somebody, had a lot of shaggy black hair and two bright black eyes... rabbit skins round the middle and no shoes or socks... strong hairy hands... He's a sort of boy.' Have a look at the results, how do you think they did?




Autumn 2


This half term is always a really busy and exciting time. We have lots of interesting lessons planned in all our subjects.

Here is a brief description of some the areas we will be covering:


Science: Continuing with our Chemistry Strand we are looking at ways in which materials can be separated using filtration. We will have a very muddy challenge ahead of us!

We will also be looking at chemical reactions that are irreversible. So lots of exciting experiments and investigation for our buddy scientists to do!


Literacy: This half term we will be focusing on more myths and legends, this time from the Aztecs.

We will be learning about the AWESOME Aztecs, who they were, where they lived and some interesting facts about their way of life.


Maths: Last half term the children made great steps in becoming more confident with their mental maths strategies for addition and subtraction. Plus we have also been trying really hard to use these in real life problems. We will be continuing to work on these key skills this term too. 


Foundation Subjects:

Geography: Mexico is our destination this half term, so we will be doing lots of research about Mexico, looking at the world map trying to locate Mexico and also learning lots of facts about the country.


Design and Technology:  Linked to our Awesome Aztecs topic we will be focussing on Mexican foods and tasting some. Yummmm... (please let your child’s teacher aware of any allergies).


PE: Some children will be going to Kingswood this half term for some very exciting activities. We will post photos after the trip!

In our Good Work Assembly this term, we told everybody about the wonderful science that we have been doing around the 'Properties and Changes of Materials'.

To download, click here

This half term, we have learnt all about the Ancient Greeks. We even got to design and put up our own displays:

Scratch projects

In Y6 we are building up a collection of work using the computer programming software Scratch. You can check out what we have done here:



Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to welcome you all back to school after the summer holidays. We look forward to a successful and enjoyable year together.

This term your child’s topic will be Ancient Greece



To start the year off we started learning about David Walliams.  He will be the author we will focus on over the year.  We really enjoyed finding out about David and will be reading more of his stories over the year. 

We have also started looking at Greek myths, and by the end of the half term we will have written our very own Greek myth.  The Greek myth we will focus on will be Theseus and the Minotaur.  We will do some role play and oral story telling around the myth, then will be creating our own mythical creatures and writing the next adventure for Theseus.  We look forward to sharing these with you.


In Maths our focus this half term will be times table practice, up to the 12x table. We are also working on our written calculation skills, particularly adding numbers with decimals using column method, subtracting using column method, multiplying large numbers using grid multiplication and division using the bus stop method.  We will also be completing maths investigations and word problems.


Out topic this term is exploring Ancient Greece.  The children have been exploring what modern Greece is like by participating in group activities such as looking at maps, historic tourist sites and tasting Greek food! The children will then go onto investigating ancient Greek life and achievements and its influence on the western world.


We will be using Greek pottery as a stimulus for our art work this half term. We will be producing a modern interpretation of the images portrayed in Greek pottery, using the British artist Rob Ryan as a reference point.  The pictures in Greek pottery always tell a story about what life was like during the ancient Greek period, and it will be interesting to see what pictures the children create about their life at present !


This term we will be looking at the Changes of Materials in Science.  This will include looking at how certain materials change from one form to another, e.g. liquid into ice.  The children will also carry out  investigations on different materials.


In PE this half term we will be linking our learning to our topic of ancient Greece by doing Olympic based athletics.

In PHSE our topic is New beginnings.

In RE our theme is Christian beliefs and Equality and Fairness.



This term all children will be starting a new weekly course in French! We will be focussing on speaking and listening skills but we’ll also be learning about French life and culture.


Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Wednesday to give teachers the chance to mark it and put in new homework. If you are unsure of the task, don’t hesitate to come and see any of the Y5 staff.

Please remember attendance and punctuality is so important for your child’s learning and development. We look forward to seeing you bright and early every weekday morning at 8.40am.