Year 5

Summer 2

Here is a video of our fabulous field trip to the Longshaw Estate:

Summer 1

No debate about it - Pipworth wins!

The Year 5 debate team began a series of competitions with a victory, which will give them lots of confidence as they move through the competition. They were passionate in their arguments, and the judges had to agree that the points that they made were all fair and well put. Well done and good luck!

Spring 2

The 9th - 18th March was 'British Science Week', so Year 5 were inspired to run a week of investigations around 'Properties and Changes of Materials'. The children really loved getting 'hands on' with science and Pipworth's budding scientists made some very interesting discoveries! Watch our video below for more information:

Spring 1

The Vikings are coming!

This term we used the program 'Audacity' to produce our own podcasts about the grisly Viking attack on the monastery in Lindisfarne in the year 793. The children wrote and produced all of the work and really got into character as vicious Vikings and trembling monks. Have a listen to a couple of examples below: 

Y5 hit the gym

This term we have been developing our gymnastics rolls, stands, flips and routines. The children have made incredible progress as the weeks have gone by, and their final group routines were incredible. At this rate, the Paris Olympics of 2024 will have some Pipworth gymnasts on the podium!

Year 5 were very lucky to get the chance to do some First Aid training this term. Watch our video below to see some of the amazing skills that they picked up.


Exploring Greece

This term we had a special day where we found out lots of facts about our History/Geography country of Greece. The climate, tourism, culture and (of course) food of this wonderful country was all investigated, as the children all supplemented their understanding of Ancient Greece with some idea of the modern country. A great (and tasty) time was had by all.