Year 4

Spring 2

Russian Taiga biomes

As part of our 'Russian Revolution' theme, we examined the vast Taiga biome. This huge stretch of forest is the largest land biome in the world and is home to a mind-boggling array of plants and animals. To celebrate this incredible area, we worked in groups to create our own examples - choosing plants and animals carefully, to represent the wildlife that can be found there. Watch our video and have a look at our gallery below:

Spring 1

Kingswood trip

The Year 4 children (and staff) braved the elements for their 2 night residential at Kingswood. Even though it was cold, wet and even occasionally snowing, the children threw themselves into all of the activities and had an amazing time that they will never forget. Watch our video below and you will see just how much fun they had:

Autumn 2

Kelham Island trip

On Wednesday 22nd November, the Y4's went on a WWII trip to Kelham Island. The children looked spectacular in their period costumes, as they learnt all about evacuation, the Battle of Britain, the Blitz and how children coped during the conflict. Enjoy our gallery below: