Year 4

Summer 2

We don't like cricket... We love it!

With the Cricket World Cup being hosted in England this year, Y4 have taken inspiration from local hero (and England captain) Joe Root and tried their hand at the game. As you can see, the children had a great time and there may be some World Cup stars of the future amongst them!

Y4 'wood' like to tell you a story

Year 4s had great fun planning and telling adventure stories in the woods. Working in small groups, they made sculptures and small models using sticks and leaves. All children had fantastic ideas and were really creative.  Our class read has been ‘The Green Ship’ by Quentin Blake. Children used this book as an inspiration to plan their own stories. What a great day we had!

Spring 2

Y4 love shooting hoops!

This term we have been learning all about basketball in PE. We have been practising our dribbling, passing and shooting skills and it's been great fun!

Spring 1

NSPCC Number Day

We love maths in Year 4, so the annual NSPCC Number Day was always going to be a big hit. We did lots of investigations, including some tricky maths drawing where we needed to be very neat and accurate. Check out our gallery below:

Autumn 1


We have been busy in Y4 learning about Sound. We carried out an experiment with a string telephone to explore how sounds travel over a distance.

We found out that when one person talks into their cup, the cup vibrates and these vibrations pass along the string. The string is a solid, so the particles are very close together, and the vibrations can pass quickly and easily along its length. The vibrations pass from the string into the second cup, which also vibrates and these vibrations pass through the air particles into the second person’s ear, enabling them to hear the sound of the first person’s voice. The sound of the person’s voice is louder through the string than it is through the air, over the same distance.

Year 4 go batty for Boccia

In PE, we have been learning how to play the Paralympic sport of boccia. Like all of the best games, we're finding boccia easy to learn but difficult to master - and LOTS of fun to play!

Paired reading

Year 4 are loving our class text this term - Roald Dahl's 'The Twits'. We have been pairing up to read sections together - being sure to include lots of expressive intonation!