Year 2

Summer 1

Florence Nightingale Workshop

Y2DW had a visit from the inspirational and influential Miss Florence Nightingale. She explained the fascinating story of her life and how she became a nurse, even though everyone told her she couldn't and shouldn't do it! Florence told us lots of gruesome details about the hospitals which made her story come alive! She showed us how she made important changes that saved lots of people's lives.
We got the chance to dress up and role play, discover some amazing artefacts and learn lots!

Homework - Summer 1

Spring 2

Weston Park trip

On Tuesday 26th February year 2 went on a trip to Weston Park Museum as part of their topic on Animal Kingdom:

Spring 1

Gong Hei Bolshoi?

The traditional Cantonese greeting for 'Happy new year!' is 'Gong hei fat choi', so Year 2 children celebrated the new 'Year of the Pig' with a celebration 'Fire' dance!

Autumn 1

Turrets and Tiaras - mystery of the key...

The children in Y2 found an old mysterious key. What could it be for? Where did it come from? Who had lost it? The children had to work together on a quest to solve the mystery of the old key.
They used their knowledge of different parts of a castle to follow the clues and find a treasure chest. Keep watching to find out what they found inside!