Year 2

Summer 1

Spring 2

Things got really wild in Y2 this term, when we had a visit from some amazing animals! It was a great way to get hands-on with some of the cuddly (and not so cuddly) animals that we have been learning about as a part of our 'Wonderful World' topic. The children had a great time handling the creatures, and learnt so much from the experience. Have a look at some pictures from the day:

Spring 1

Stop Animation

In ICT we have been producing our own animations, using a 'stop motion' program on the I-Pads. To tie in with our topic of 'China', we made our own dragons and backdrops in art and filmed them in action. Check out some examples below:

Should school uniform be banned?

Recently, we have been practising our debating skills with Mrs Kenyon and tackling the thorniest of issues: 'Should school uniform be banned?'. As you can imagine there was lots of strong opinions on both sides, and the children enjoyed being a part of the process. Watch the video below, and decided for yourself which side was the most convincing:

The Great Wall of Y2

Our topic this half term is China and we have been learning about lots of different things to do with this amazing country. We have discovered some interesting information about the Great Wall of China and found out that it is around 5500 miles long!

We didn’t have quite enough materials to build a wall that long but we worked in teams and used different types of construction toys to build one as long as possible. We found that some materials were easier to use to build a strong wall but others were more difficult to use and the walls were much weaker.

The winning wall was almost 5 metres long. Check out the gallery below:

In Y2 we have been doing some animation work in our computing lessons. We have looked at different programs which can be used to create animation (like Stickman and Scratch) and have begun to create our own work. Watch out Pixar!

Autumn 2

We would like to welcome you all back to school after the half term break.

This term in Year 2 we will be learning about the Great Fire of London.

It is really helpful if you can talk to your child about what they are learning at school and it would be great if you could try to compete some of the homework tasks that we set at the beginning of the half term. The response to these tasks was a little disappointing last term so please try to complete at least two or three of them with your child. You will find them in their yellow homework books or they will be sent home on paper if your child has not returned their book to school. We are offering dojos as an incentive and a reward for completing them. Lots of children are now taking reading books home form the classroom so a big thanks for reading more with your child – the more they can read at home the better!!!


In Literacy this half term we will be looking at a range of nonfiction texts. You could take your child to a library to find some nonfiction books on a subject they are interested in. Make sure they can use a contents and index page to locate information and please make sure your child can name all letters of the alphabet. We will also be writing letters and post cards. This term is a good time to ask your child to write a letter to a Santa!!!!


In Numeracy we will be looking at fractions of amounts and shapes. Children need to know the vocabulary of fractions so try to look for opportunities for them to share out sweets, chocolate, money etc. between two, three or four people. They could help cutting meals into 2 or 4 pieces and talk to them about halves and quarters.

Please keep asking your child to count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s and relate these to times table facts too.


 We will be learning all about the Great Fire of London. Please look at the topic homework grid for some lovely activities that you could do at home with your child.


We will be painting firework pictures and making collages using a range of materials. We will be using nets to make 3D models of Tudor Houses – maybe you could visit Bishops House in Meersbrook Park for some inspiration!!!


We will be continuing to work on materials and their properties. You could take to your child about different materials around the house that are waterproof. Maybe they could test out some fabrics to find out which are the best.


We will be learning a variety of Christmas songs this term as well as covering a musical unit called Reflect, Rewind and Replay which will give your child experience of using a range of musical instruments.


This term in RE we will be continuing to learn about symbols and The Christmas Story. We will be talking more about ‘getting on and not falling out’.


We will be covering a unit on Dance this half term.

PE days will remain as Wednesday so please make sure your child has a PE kit in school on this day.

We will try to do outdoor PE once a week also but this will be fitted in where weather is permitting.

 Click here to see our Topic homework this half term, all about the 'Great Fire of London'.


Spellings! The new National Curriculum has put a much greater emphasis on spellings. The spelling test results have been a little disappointing so far so we would like to see a big improvement in them this half term. We will be doing a lot more spelling practice in the classroom. Please encourage your child to practise their weekly spellings at home. If they are struggling to learn all the spellings just pick three or four from the list and really work on these with them.

Ideas for helping at home:

  • Stick the list on the fridge and call out words for your child to spell as they eat tea!!
  • Muddle up the letters of a word and ask the child to put them in the correct order e.g. if the word is voice you could write down oiecv and ask them to make the word voice.
  • Give your child a pack of coloured felt tips. They could write each word in every colour!!
  • Play hangman with the words.
  • Ask them to write the word in a silly sentence.
  • Ask them to test you!! They can read out the words and mark them for you – you could make a few mistakes for them to spot and correct!!


If you have any concerns or questions, we are always here to help.

Many Thanks

The Year 2 team!



Autumn 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to welcome you all back to school after the summer holidays. We look forward to a successful and enjoyable year together.

This Year in Year Two there will be Mrs Flint, Mr Whitaker and Mrs Ball working. Alongside us we will have Louise, Mrs Lovell and Kay supporting us. Please feel free to come and talk to us at any time should you have any questions or concerns.

This term your child’s topic will be Castles – Kings and Queens

It is really helpful if you can talk to your child about what they are learning at school and it would be great if you could even take them on a visit to a castle!!


In Literacy this half term we will be having a book week. We will be looking at a range of Julia Donaldson books so try and find some at the library to have a read at home.

We will be reading and writing stories set in familiar settings as well as writing letters and postcards and songs and repetitive poems.



In Numeracy we will be looking at place value and be able to read and write numbers to 100. We will also be looking at the value of each digit so we know how many hundreds, tens and ones are in each number. Finally we will be adding and subtracting and beginning to multiply and divide. Practice counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s at home.


We will be having some exciting visits this term to Bolsover Castle and Manor Castle to find out all about Castles and who used to live in them in the past. As part of our topic we will be finding out about the lives of Queen Elizabeth 1 and our present day Queen as well as finding out about other significant Kings and Queens. During our visits to the castles we will be taking note of the surrounding areas and using geographical vocabulary to talk about the things we can see e.g. houses, motorways, fields, shops, bridges etc. We will use this information back in the classroom to create our own maps of the local areas. We are also hoping to stage a medieval banquet and dress up as Kings and Queens for the day.


We will be paining portraits of Kings and Queens as well as our own. We will use a range of media such as paints, pastels and pencil to draw with.


This term will be all about materials and their properties.

We will be carrying out a variety of investigations on materials and describing and testing their properties. We will be looking at how everyday materials are used.


We will be listening to music from medieval times as we do our topic work and during our celebration day.


This term in RE we will be learning all about symbols in Religion. We will also be looking at which ways places of worship are important to believers. The religions we will be looking at are Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


This half term will be gymnastics.





Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Tuesday to give teachers the chance to mark it and put in new homework. If you are unsure of the task, don’t hesitate to come and see any of the Y2 teachers. This year homework will consist of weekly spelling, literacy and maths homework as well as topic homework – where you can choose from the grid which activities your child would like to do. Please feel free to stick photos, writing or pictures of anything they do at home into their books so we can see what they have been learning at home. We ask that children try to respect homework books by looking after them and maintaining high standards of written work within them. Please support us in supporting your child at home by ensuring tasks are completed and returned on time.


PE – please see display boards outside your child’s classroom. We expect all children to remove jewellery and tie back long hair as well as change into a full PE kit which needs to be brought from home.

Please remember attendance and punctuality is so important for your child’s learning and development. We look forward to seeing you bright and early every weekday morning at 8.40am.

If you have any concerns or questions, we are always here to help.

Many Thanks

The Year 2 team!