Summer 1

FS2 go wild

FS2 went on a great adventure to the Yorkshire Wild Life Park.  We were all very brave explorers as we went around the park to visit the animals. We saw lions and tigers and bears!

Spring 2

Hat's entertainment

FS1 and FS2 had their annual Easter bonnet parade this term, and what a spectacular collection they were! The hats came in all shapes, sizes and colours and the incredible amount of work that had gone into them was clear to see. It is always a highlight of the school year, and huge praise must go to all of the people who put so much effort into making it such a success. You could say 'Hats off' to them... Anyway, have a look at our video below and see what you think:

Spring 1

FS2 think ice is cool!

This term we have been exploring ice as a part of our 'What makes it Winter?' theme. We looked closely at how it feels, changes and reacts to different conditions. We even made some ice of our own (ice-lollies, of course!):

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Autumn 2


The week before Christmas saw FS2 performing their nativity, and what a show it was! From the angels to the shepherds (and everything in between) the children looked amazing in their costumes, so a big well done to everyone who made such an amazing effort. Please watch our videos below, and enjoy the performance for yourself:



Autumn 1