Summer 1

Our topic this term is 'What happens in the Rainforest?', so to prepare, we went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw lots and lots of incredible animals, some of which will be learning about more about in the coming weeks...

Spring 1

Knight Training

Bluebell Class really earned their spurs this term when they went to Knight school! To tie in with our topic of Castles, we tried our hand at lots of different skills which a Knight would need to be good at. Jousting, Bow and Arrow, balancing and horse-shoe aiming were just some of the things that we practised - and we were so good at it, we even got a class certificate from Miss Storey! So, the next time a dragon is seen coming down Prince of Wales Road, you know who to call... The Bluebell Class Knights!

Autumn 2

The week beginning 5th December saw FS2 performing their 'Tip Toe Nativity'. The children looked fantastic in their costumes and the performances were a huge success for all of the parents and carers who came along to watch. Well done children!

In Buttercup class we have been making repeating patterns in our numeracy lessons:

To tie in with our topic 'Who helps to keep us safe?", FS2 took a trip to the Fire Museum. We had a great time, and the children got to dress up and, most importantly, learnt to 'Stop, Drop and Roll'.

We've been so busy this term in FS2, here's a little look at some of the amazing work that the children have been doing:

      Our topic is... ‘Who helps to keep us safe?’

We will be settling into our new learning environments and becoming familiar with our routines. There will be lots of acting out our own experiences in the home corner and using small world characters in our imaginative play. We will be talking about what we enjoy doing at home.

We will be focusing on number recognition, set making to 10, 2D shapes, and 1 more and 1 less. We will also be developing letter formation, name writing, linking sounds to letters and using this knowledge in our reading and writing opportunities both in and outside.

Funky Fingers and the playdough disco will be a daily session as we strengthen our finger and arm muscles as well as develop important co-ordination skills.

We will then be learning about road safety, doctors and the emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance teams. There will be lots of talk and acting out narratives in relation to the people who help to keep us safe. We will be meeting members of the emergency services and asking lots of questions.

Please remember to bring in your children’s WOW stickers so that we can keep track of their home learning and individual interests. This will greatly inform our planning.

Thank you for your support.

FS2 team